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Kindergarten Activity Zone

The heart of the school is the most attractive activity room furnished with colorful, non-toxic toys and furniture. This is the most sought-after room in the kindergarten wing where the tiny-tots explore and learn, developing their motor skills while playing. The toys and play articles have been carefully selected to offer healthy exposure to the little ones to sharpen their intellectual and reasoning skills. An outdoor play-station installation is another hunted spot for kindergarteners.


As a child grows, the parents are faced with a  major decision of choosing the right school for their kids. The school serves as a child’s second home, so its role in their life is exceptional. It is also widely acknowledged that the role of the school in child development is just as important as that of the parent. As a result, children must be sent to the appropriate nursery school to reap the full benefits of pre-schooling.

Many parents are concerned about selecting the best nursery school in Patiala. There are a number of aspects to be considered. If you weigh every aspect carefully, the decision isn’t that difficult.   To begin with, the main aspects that a parent should look into are:

Emotional Skills:

As children grow, they begin to gain control of their emotions. Children can usually identify their emotions by the age of four or five. They do, however, require assistance to control their emotional development.

Social Skills: 

The potential to socialize, whether verbally or nonverbally, through body language or gestures, is referred to as social development. As a child begins to attend school, he interacts with new people, which boosts his confidence. They learn to communicate with their peers, participate in group activities, and even open up to their teachers.

Cognitive Skills:

The mind is involved in cognitive development. It alludes to reasoning, thinking, and comprehension. When children begin to ask questions, they are developing their cognitive abilities. Around this age, children become fascinated and begin asking many questions.

Psychometric Skills:

Psychometric learning is demonstrated by physical skills such as movement, coordination, dexterity, grace, strength & speed.

If you have been looking for a kindergarten school near you that brings out the best of your child’s overall development, you are at the right place.

So look no further! Your search begins & ends at Delhi Public School Patiala


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