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Delhi Public School Patiala
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Best Private School in Patiala

Under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society, DPS Patiala is a premier co-educational school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. Having been functional since April 2013, Delhi Public School Patiala has a leading school in the royal city of Patiala, offering excellent education in a splendid campus, spread over 8 acres. Life in Delhi Public School centers on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship, and community service. Depth and variety are added to each student's life by the school's traditions and accessibility to a broad curriculum. The campus is spread over a lush green, pollution free and serene area on Patiala - Sirhind road. It is divided aesthetically and thematically into various blocks, designed for maximum convenience and utility of the students. The hostel blocks constitute a separate section away from the main building, yet within the secure precincts of the campus. The school provides provision for all amenities and infrastructure. Striving continuously towards its objective of a balanced, well-rounded education for the student community, Delhi Public School Patiala is definitely one of the best schools in the region.


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The Core Principles

Nurturing Young Citizens

DPS Patiala is committed to nurture learners and provides a platform to explore their abilities to the fullest. It is our aim to build and empower the lives of each of our learners with opportunities to develop their skills to prepare them for their careers and future endeavours.

Accomplished Educators

Our experienced educators ignite the desire to learn and execute the knowledge, while promoting the High Order Thinking Skills. We emphasize to express, analyze, introspect and learn, in congenial & conducive atmosphere.

Holistic Development

Holistic Education is an approach to teaching that focuses on the academics and social needs of students. Our educators seek to fulfil the academics requirements of students & teach them the right methods by which they can face the challenges of life. We try to engage all aspects of the learner that includes the mind, spirit, and body. It necessitates skill mastery and advancement in all four domains.

Kindergarten Activity Zone

The heart of the school is the most attractive activity room furnished with colourful, non-toxic toys and furniture. This is the most sought after room in the kindergarten wing where the tiny-tots explore and learn, developing their motor skills while playing. The toys and play articles have been carefully selected to offer a healthy exposure to the little ones to sharpen their intellectual and reasoning skills. An outdoor play-station installation is another hunted spot for the kindergarteners.



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DPS Patiala
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DPS Patiala Front Building

Awards & Recognitions

The Cambridge English Annual Coordinators’ Conference 2023 was organized by the Cambridge University Press & Assessment on Saturday, August 26, 2023 from 9.00am to 1 pm at Jalandhar. The conference was attended by Ms. Sonia Mattu the Cambridge English Assessment Incharge, DPS Patiala. The resource person Ms. Ruchi conducted a teacher development Program on the strategies to build confidence in the classroom.The session was followed by an enriching, detailed, and informative presentation on the Cambridge English Assessment by Mr. Abhishek Gosain, Business Development Manager, North India. A felicitation ceremony was organized at the end of the conference to appreciate various schools' commendable achievements and involvement in English Language education. The Exemplary Excellence Award was given to Sacred Heart School, Moga, and a moment of elation that DPS Patiala has been awarded with the Emerging Star of the Year award at the ceremony. It has been announced by Mr. Gosain that DPS Patiala is the first school in Punjab to become a Cambridge English School.

Education World awarded Delhi Public School Patiala #1 Co-Ed Day School of Patiala City

DPS Patiala emerged as the #1 Co-Ed Day School of Patiala as the results of the Annual Education World India School Rankings 2022-23 were declared. The scale and depth of Education World India School Ranking 2022-23 is unprecedented in India & worldwide. The entire DPS Patiala family is elated with the news, especially as this adds a sparkle to the celebration of the decade year of the school's presence in the royal city. Principal Mr. Santosh Shukla congratulated the staff, students & all stakeholders on this remarkable feat. He also added that this recognition was an indicator to all in the DPS Patiala fraternity to continue their quality work with a renewed passion and unflinching dedication.


How does DPS Patiala ensure that students have a safe and productive academic surrounding?

DPS Patiala’s Impressive Infrastructure: DPS Patiala’s infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of over 3,000 students. There are many computer laboratories as well as a large library with thousands of volumes. DPS Patiala regarded as the No. 1 School in Patiala has it all for sports and games – a football field, cricket pitch, basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis, and carrom boards. These first-rate amenities enable students to follow their passions and develop as well-rounded persons.

Round-the-Clock Security and CCTV Surveillance: The safety of students is a top priority at DPS Patiala as it is the best school in Patiala city. The campus has 24-hour security with guards stationed at all entry and exit points. CCTV surveillance also covers the entire campus, classrooms, boarding houses, activity areas, and school buses. The camera is constantly monitored to ensure that no unauthorized entry or incidents occur.

Focus on Student Safety and Security at DPS Patiala: To ensure students feel safe, secure, and able to focus on learning, DPS, the no. 1 school in Patiala prioritizes safety measures and strict security protocols.

  • DPS Patiala is among the top 5 schools in Patiala and has a dedicated security team monitoring the campus 24/7. Security guards patrol the school grounds, entrances and exits around the clock. CCTV cameras are also strategically installed throughout the school premises to monitor and record activity.
  • DPS Patiala regarded as the best school in Patiala along with the best Primary School in Patiala has specific procedures for emergencies like fires, earthquakes, or intruders. Evacuation and lockdown drills are conducted regularly so students know how to respond to a crisis. The school has designated emergency exits, shelters, and rally points. First aid and medical assistance are also available on campus.
  • Bullying and harassment are not tolerated. DPS Patiala has a strict anti-bullying policy, and students are encouraged to report incidents immediately. Counselors and instructors look for symptoms of bullying or unhappiness in kids and seek to create a welcoming educational atmosphere in which all students feel valued and encouraged.
  • From security systems and emergency planning to policies promoting inclusion, DPS, the best school in Patiala city aims to create the safest, most positive experience for students. Students can study and flourish in a safe environment if physical and emotional safety are prioritized.

What Makes DPS in Patiala the Best School for Your Child?

Selecting the best school for your child might influence their career prospects in the future. With multiple educational alternatives available today, parents are struggling to choose the best environment for their children.

It is vital to lay a foundation on the characteristics to ensure your child gets the best education possible. Why? Because it is crucial to you when choosing a school.

Why is DPS One of the Best Private Schools in Patiala?

DPS in Patiala is regarded as the No.1 school in Patiala for various reasons, which include:

  • DPS Patiala offers an uncompromising academic program that is catered to give every student a well-rounded education. The school offers skilled professionals that provide each student with attention to detail to achieve academic excellence.
  • The school features cutting-edge facilities including, well-equipped laboratories, library, a computer lab, a science lab, an auditorium, and a sports complex. These facilities provide students with a welcoming environment and a better opportunity to develop their interests and hobbies.
  • Sports, music, theatres, and debates are some of the extracurricular activities that are available at DPS in Patiala. These activities help students develop their interests and talents with great opportunities for them to contribute to events at the national and state level.
  • The school lays a foundation for students to focus on character development and moral value-based teaching. Students are taught to be responsible, courteous, and empathetic individuals who make a significant contribution to society.
  • The school believes in involving parents in their children’s education and encourages parents to participate in school events and activities. This strengthens the strong relationship between the school and parents, ensuring that students get the support they need to soar.

Generally, DPS Patiala is regarded as one of the top private schools in Patiala due to its excellent academic curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, co-curricular activities, emphasis on character development, and parental participation.

What Makes DPS, a Private School in Patiala, Stand Out Among Other Schools?

As stated above, when it comes to giving your child the best education, you cannot compromise. It is suitable if you find a school that is committed to the success of its school, offering an enthusiastic curriculum focusing on the child’s development. That is why it is suggested that you enroll your child at DPS, the best school in Patiala City, as per the EW Rankings.

According to EW Rankings, DPS in Patiala is the No. 1 school in Patiala, India. The school facilitates world-class education adaptable to every child’s specific needs. The teachers are well-versed in their respective fields and ensure every student receives the attention they deserve.

But wait! There’s more! If you want to provide your child with the best education possible, choose DPS as your go-to primary school in Patiala. Why? We’ve provided it here for you to consider and make a well-informed choice regarding your child’s future.

Reasons Why DPS is the Best Co-education School in Patiala

Great Learning Opportunities

Being the best school in Patiala City, we are concerned with more than just delivering an exceptional education for your kid that fully prepares them for the future. DPS in Patiala should be your first choice since it provides your child with an experience that they’ll not find anywhere else.

Students feel mesmerized when entering the world of possibilities the moment they enter our doors. Our friendly staff is committed to helping individual students discover their interests and hobbies. This private school in Patiala offers multiple chances for students to pursue their interests in extracurricular activities like dance, music, and theatres.

Not just this, DPS comes under the top 5 schools in Patiala and caters to the best sports infrastructure in the country. Our students are access to world-class training activities and compete at the highest levels in sports like cricket, basketball, and football.

Thus, if you’re seeking a top primary school in Patiala for your child, DPS Patiala is the place to go. We provide an unrivaled learning environment that will prepare them for a successful future.

 Utilizing Technology as a Learning Resource

Technology aids learning and encourages active, engaged student engagement at the best co-education school in Patiala. Our professors employ a variety of resources, ranging from instructional software to interactive whiteboards, to engage pupils and keep them interested in the topic.

We are the best private school in Patiala that also provides online educational materials, which enable students to continue their studies outside of the actual classroom walls and improve their skills and knowledge at their speed.

The school also has various digital media resources, such as graphic design software, video editing software, and animation programs. These digital media resources allow students to express their creativity while exploring and developing their design and animation abilities.

Furthermore, the school holds monthly workshops and seminars on technology-related issues, allowing students to explore and expand their technological interests.