Session 2022-23

Visit to the Verka Park  

On the 30th of September, students of the Kindergarten wing went for a picnic in the green environs of the Verka Milk Plant for an outdoor learning trip. Students were told about the importance of drinking milk and choosing milk products over the more tempting junk food. Little ones also enjoyed the swings and had fun activities to enjoy the outings. The picnic coupled as an awareness initiative promoting good health and a fit body.


"Tell a Tale": The Story Telling Contest

Stories do not just develop children’s literacy; they convey values, beliefs, attitudes and social norms which, in turn, shape children’s perceptions of reality. A Storytelling competition was held on the 30th of September for the students of Classes I-II. The students performed spectacularly narrating their favourite stories using creative props, voice modulation and impressive expressions. The little storytellers were applauded for their wonderful presentations. The best performers were shortlisted for the excellence certificates. 

Remembering Gandhiji 

The Kindergarten section celebrated the theme "Truth and Non-violence" coinciding with the birth anniversary of Gandhiji.  A special assembly was conducted to commemorate the upcoming birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji. Through the various presentations, the teachers stressed the value of speaking the truth and shared the words so dear to Bapu - "See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak No Evil". The tiny tots presented lines on the simple and inspirational life of Mahatma Gandhi. The bulletin boards were decorated with quotes by Gandhiji. A choreography depicting Gandhiji's teachings was performed by the little angels of KG 1 Buds &Blooms

My Red Letter Day

To strengthen the verbal skills and to foster public speaking competency of the young minds of kindergarten, an extempore  “My Red Letter Day”  was organised on the 29th of September 2022. Little speakers talked about their letter/word of the day of their choice. It was an interesting and a wonderful experience for the teachers too. The activity gave children a chance of sharing their content with fellow classmates and teachers. The aim of the activity was to engage students through activity-based learning.

Counselling Session organised for Class X

A counselling session was being organized for std X on the 26th of September 2022 between 11.00 to 12.00 noon in the school's AV Hall in collaboration with Sri Chaitanya Institute, Chandigarh. The keynote speaker was Mr Satish Sharma, who has pioneered NTSE training in North India working with students, teachers and the state council for 15+ years. With a recognized track record across teaching, teacher training, and education consulting spanning 30 years, he has built a valuable partnership with every association in the field of education.
The Session covered the following aspects - 
 Awareness and importance of comparative exams
 Success-oriented career programs after Class X
 NTSE brief workshop on SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test)  and MAT (Mental Aptitude Test)
 Awareness about North India's Biggest Talent hunt exam - SCORE
 Benefits of the SCORE EXAM


 Eat Healthy ! Live Healthy !


Children of KG1 were introduced to the EVS topic of  Healthy vs junk food through an enactment on 9th of September. The concept of a 'Balanced Diet’ was shared with them emphasizing what they must eat every day comprising of fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts. Students understood that ‘Junk Food’ like chocolates, ice creams, and chips could turn out to be harmful if eaten often. They also learnt that food is necessary for their growth and for maintaining sound health. An extempore activity of ‘Healthy and Junk food’ was done by little ones of DPS Kindergarten wing where they shared a few lines about the benefits of healthy food with the help of appropriate props. 



“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance".
Grandparents are the epitome of unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort and undoubtedly - all key lessons of life.
The kindergarten wing of DPS Patiala welcomed the grandparents on a bright, sunny day and the presence of the precious guests filled the ambiance of the school with oodles of blessings, happy faces, excitement and cheer. The chirpy little stars and the enthusiastic HRTs planned and presented a wonderful program filled with affection and reverence for the grandparents.
After the traditional welcome, the special guests were escorted to the AV Hall. The delighted children of Class 1 presented the welcome dance. Thereafter, the grandparents enjoyed a series of games like- "Fire in the mountain", "Blindfold Fun", "Loot Liya" , "Jumbled- bumbled" and other cultural events with a spirited participation.
Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla thanked the senior guests for joining the celebration and also shared his thoughts on the valuable role of the grandparents in holding the families together. The adorable grandparents of Trishika , Parth Singla, Naunihal (KG1 Buds), Ridhi (KG 2 Teddies) rocked the day by winning positions in the games. The beautiful event culminated with a super energetic dance party on the bollywood hits of yesteryears.

Champions Honoured in morning assembly

The champions of DPS Patiala who bagged a remarkable haul of medals in the district swimming tournaments were honoured by the Principal Mr Santosh Shukla. The following students were applauded for their excellent performance.
U-14 (Boys)
Akshit Kumar - Bronze Medallist in 400 mt Free Style 
Shaurya Vardan Goel - Bronze Medallist in 200 mt Breast Stroke
Pranav Goyal -  Bronze Medallist in 200 mt Free Style
U-14 (Girls)
Arshiya Arora - Silver Medallist in 200 mt Breast Stroke 
Anika - Bronze Medallist in 200 mt Breast Stroke, Bronze Medallist in 100 mt Breast Stroke
U-17 (Girls)
Amreen - Gold Medallist in 50 mt Breast Stroke, Silver Medallist in 100 mt Breast Stroke,  Bronze Medallist in 50 mt Free Style  
Afreen -   Gold Medallist in 100 mt Free Style, Gold Medallist in 100 mt Back Stroke,  Gold Medallist in 50 mt Back Stroke
U-19 (Girls)
Dibdrisht Kaur -   Bronze Medallist in 50 mt Free Style  
U-19 (Girls)
Manreet Kaur Gill - Selected for State Level Competition (800 mt Free Style, 200 mt Butterfly Stroke, 200 Back Stroke)
U-19 (Boys)
Sukhmanvir Singh Gill - Gold Medallist in 100 mt Free Style,  Gold Medallist in 50 mt Free Style,  Gold Medallist in 50 mt Back Stroke
Also, Onkarpreet Singh bagged a Gold Medal in 10 m Rifle Shooting, and a Gold Medal in 10 mt Pistol Shooting along with a Silver Medal in 18 mt Crossbow Shooting at the District Level. It was a proud moment to honour Onkarpreet for his Bronze Medal in 12 mt Crossbow Shooting at the National Level. 

Detail summary of Zonal Games at Govt. Sen. Sec. Multipurpose School, Patiala.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that under the dynamic leadership and guidance of our Principal Sir, our students have given remarkable and outstanding performance in these Zonal Games.
Total of 208 students participated in various games out of which 48 made hit to the District level. The Highest number of District positions so far.
There are around 70 schools (Private & Govt.) in our Zone
In Badminton we are ZONE CHAMPIONS in Under 14 Girls category and 4 students got selected for District level
In CHESS we are ZONE CHAMPIONS in under 17 Boys category and
5 students got selected for District level
In Martial Art 10 students got selected for District level
In Skating 1 student got selected for District level
In cricket we have won from Scholar field school and 2 students got selected for District level camp.
In Lawn Tennis 3 students got selected for District level
In Basketball we stood 3rd in Boys U-14 category
We got third position in girls U-17 category
Total 5 students got selected for District level
In Football we have won first match ever and our 2 Students got selected for District level
In Swimming 11 students participated at District level and performed well.
In Archery our 3 students participated at District level
In Table Tennis our 2 students got selected for District level
We also participated and performed well in YOGA for the first time.
That was the detailed summary of these Zonal Games.
We wish to continue performing in high spirits and hopefully will win more laurels to the school in next zonal games as well.

Let us Celebrate Krishna's Birthday!

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with pomp and festivity by the tiny tots of the pre-primary section at DPS Patiala.  Dressed as Radhas and Krishnas, the little wonders danced to the beat of Janmashtami songs, filling the air with joy and festive spirit. The assembly presentations depicted the varied phases of life from birth to manhood giving an insight into Krishna's world of splendour, colour, myth and legend. Children enjoyed presenting the entire choreography that communicated the message that "Every moment of life is worth a Celebration and the more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate". The audience of this special assembly was trapped in rapt attention mesmerised by the story of Lord Krishna.



A restaurant field trip can awaken the desire in a child to try new foods, pursue a previously unconsidered option, or may be spark a new interest or passion in cooking. We, at DPS Patiala, believe that field visits not only provide alternative educational opportunities for children, but they also benefit by learning to absorb new experiences with their peers.
Kids love pizza and burgers and once in a while, it is good to treat them with their favourite food. So, we took our Kindergartners to Canadian Pizza and Pizza Hut, popular Pizza outlets of the city.
Kids were taken to the busy kitchen to watch the step-by-step preparation of their favourite delicacy and later enjoyed their tempting pizzas full of veggies.
It was fun to see the little ones make a count of all the varieties - small, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, extra toppings.

Celebrating the Sibling Bond - "Rakshabandhan" 

The much-awaited festival of Rakhshabandhan was celebrated with a special assembly amongst other colourful activities planned for the day. The special assembly focused on the significance and the traditions involved in the festivities. Kindergartners were happy to try their hand at making "rakhis" with the help of their teachers. Their artisanship was fascinating and children thoroughly enjoyed this activity that tickled their creative side. 

Celebrating the Sibling Bond !

On 11th August, a special assembly by was presented by Class IV Chandergupta with the festive theme of ‘Rakhshabandhan -A Bond of Love and Protection’. The assembly commenced with an emotional poem rendered by the students. It was based on the need to arouse the feeling of respect and protection for girls irrespective of whether they are sharing a filial bond or not. Thereafter, 4 different scenes with wonderful songs depicted the how the festivities were in the bygone years and how things had changed in this fast digital world. The energy of the performance was contagious which left the audience asking for more. Little girls tied Rakhi on the wrist of the Principal Mr Santosh Shukla. Festive wishes were conveyed to all present.

Show and Tell Activity on "Nature" 
Nature has been an inspiration for numerous poets, writers, artists, and we wanted our children to be inspired by this precious gift from the supreme power. To enhance the appreciation and gratitude towards nature, the Kindergarten wing organised a "Show and Tell" activity for the students on the 29th of August 2022.
The students participated with enthusiasm and zeal in the activity and shared their bundles of ideas and thoughts. The oratory activity also gave them a platform to exhibit their confidence along with their prowess in language skills.

Special Assembly marks the 76th Independence Day Celebrations

With strong patriotic spirits, the students of IV Chanakya presented their class assembly to celebrate India's freedom on the 76th Independence Day of India. Children staged presentations depicting the spirit of freedom, courage and sacrifices made by countless men and women in the past. The students looked back at the hardships of our freedom fighters and  their undying determination to put the nation on the path of glorious progress and development.The programme included the diverse participation of the students in songs, poems and a patriotic choreography. A very motivating and highly energetic speech by Principal Mr Santosh Shukla as he voiced a strong support to Nation’s progress and preparedness for the future challenges as a country, culminated the colourful assembly.

 Celebrating the Nation's Independence!

Students of Kindergarten presented a special assembly to commemorate the 76th Independence Day of the nation. Children spoke about the national symbols of the country and also shared trivia about the country's flag. The tricolour was hoisted and children sang the national anthem with pride. 
Teachers organised several activities to induce the spirit of patriotism in the little hearts. 

Science Exhibition @ DPS Patiala

Inspired, encouraged and motivated budding scientists of Delhi Public School Patiala demonstrated different live experiments with great enthusiasm and excitement during the Science Exhibition organised on the 30th of July 2022. The experiments included Magic with lemon, fake blood, Hydroponics, Hydraulic Bridge and many more. The preparation and presentation of the models and various scientific concepts broadened the knowledge of the students. A wonderful vertical garden set-up by the students using recycled articles as plant holders and propagated plants garnered appreciation. The Principal Mr Santosh Shukla and parents applauded the innovative efforts and the confident presentation of students.


 Blood Donation Camp held

DPS Patiala organized a Mega voluntary Blood Donation Camp at the School Campus on Saturday, July 30, 2022, from 9 am to 12 pm, with the noble motto "Let’s Create Blood Relations".The Camp was organized , in collaboration with Blood Bank, Govt. Rajindra Hospital, Patiala, to contribute to society and to generate awareness that our little share of blood may give many years of life to someone. The staff, students, and parents of the School wholeheartedly participated in the Camp. Around 50 donors contributed to this virtuous drive and donated blood. The School has made adequate arrangements such as beds, sanitization, refreshments for the donors, etc., under the able care of the School Doctor. DSP Excise & Taxation Mr. H S Badungar was the Chief Guest and Mr. Nahar ex DSP was the Guest of Honour on the occasion. Other dignitaries included Mr. Kaka Ram Verma of the First Aid Safety Mission. All the guests congratulated the team for the efforts. The blood units raised in this drive would be used for saving the lives of the injured and the sick. Parents and volunteers braved the heavy rains to be a part of the event.

Laurels from Sahodaya Art Fest

6 students of Delhi Public School Patiala represented the school in the Inter School Art Fest organised by the Patiala Sahodaya School Complex. The colorful event was hosted by the Dayanand Public Senior Secondary School, Nabha, on the 30th of July 2022.
Shaurya Vardhan Goel of Class VIII stood 3rd in the "Quilling Art" event, while Tanvi of Class X stood 3rd in the "Mandala Art" event !



Team DPS shines at Sahodaya English Fest !

16 students from DPS Patiala participated in the Inter School English Fest organised by Patiala Sahodaya School Complex. The event was hosted by Bhupindra International Public School, Patiala.

Rehmat Sandhu and Inayat of Class III - received a Special Mention and appreciation for their performance in the poem recitation event.

10 students from Classes V-VIII - Vinita Bimbra, Ameekjot Singh, Naman,Reet,Lavanya, Pranav, Jupsidak, Archita Sharma, Kushad & Divya brought laurels to the school by winning the 1st position with their exemplary presentation of the playlet.

In the declamation event - Vibha Pathak of Class IX bagged the 2nd place while Saksham Goyal of Class XI won a consolation prize in the debate event.


DPS Patiala Chess Champs bring glory !!

D.A.V Centenary Public School, Nabha, hosted the Patiala Sahodya Chess Tournament on 29th July 2022. Uday Pratap Bawa of Class XI stood 1st in the under 19 category, while Saksham Goyal of Class XI stood 3rd in the same category.


Olympiad Achievers honoured 



Tangy Treat for the Kindergartners

On 25th July, the Kindergarteners rejoiced with the summer activity planned for them. To beat the heat in the peak of the sun-scorched summer, prepare a tangy, chilled and energising drink using a flavoured concentrate. The excited kids added ice cubes and water to their glasses. The activity gave the students a hands-on learning experience and a sense of satisfaction as they relished the self-prepared tangy concoction. Students were repeatedly reminded to make the summer drink for their parents and grandparents too!


Friendship Day Toy Giveaway!

Our little kindergartners students experienced that giving the gift of love was the most significant way to find happiness and contentment. The children were happy to meet new friends at the local government primary school on the occasion of  Friendship Day. Our students carried their toys to give them away to their counterparts. This initiative was planned for kids to understand it was most important to reach out and give away to those in need. Smiles and giggles spread out in the entire venue.

Kindergarteners Visit the Aviary 

At DPS Patiala the tiny tots are often exposed to a variety of activities and field trips, in order to enhance their hands-on learning experience.  With the objective of sensitizing students about the various species of birds, students of the Kindergarten wing were taken for a field trip to the Aviary located in the heart of the dense green Baradari Gardens on 22 July 2022. Children walked along the green paths and observed the different species of birds like Peacocks Peahens, Mynas, Pigeons, Ostriches, and Quails in the enclosures made for them. They also observed the food and water arrangements for the birds. The lush green campus of the Aviary with tall mature trees and serene surroundings made it a beautiful nature trip.

Monsoon Plantation Activity 

Monsoon is in full swing and so July is the perfect time for young learners to learn about seeds and saplings. Students of Classes I-III were involved in multifarious activities to learn about the process of plant growth and also learn the importance of planting new plants in the rainy season. Seed activities included sowing seeds in seedling trays and in small containers.  Students were happy to learn about different kinds of seeds through hands-on exploration. Each section of the involved classes also planted a sapling of Plumeria in the campus along with their HRTs. A video on the germination process was also shown to the students to make the concept clearer.   



DPS Patiala Campus goes Greener !! 

“The key to a greener planet is in our hands" - and so our little hands from kindergarten planted the saplings of the flowering plant - "Plumeria" on the 15th of July 2022. The main aim of this activity was to direct students’ minds to constructive activities with positive outcomes through the facilitation of contributing to society and to the ecosystem around. The students excitedly participated in the drive and helped each other plant the saplings. All the saplings were planted in the school ground by students under the guidance of the school gardener, who gave plant care tips to the students. They were told to wait for the plant to grow and bloom 

International Yoga Day 2022


Summer Camp 2022 - Highlights of Day #10

 The last day of the memorable Summer Camp 2022 was nostalgic for most of the participants. All that was learnt during the 10 day camp was recapitulated. The students who opted for Fine Arts, Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy displayed their works for others to see. Certain activities continued with yet another thrilling session to wind-up the camp. Appreciation Certificates were given away to all the participants.

Cooking Session #10

On-site cooking demonstration by budding chefs was undoubtedly a great way to show off easy and delicious recipes they learned during summer camp in cooking class. Day 10 was energetic.

The food journey was beyond the expectations and children were happy with the recipes they learnt.  

Handwriting Improvement

On the concluding day of the summer camp, the handwriting of the participants was to be compared with their original handwriting that was noticed on the first day. They were given the same manuscript to rewrite using the cursive methodology during the period of summer camp. A marked drastic change in their handwriting was clearly visible.  They were instructed to practice continuously during their summer vacation to bring about a permanent change.

Badminton -
On the tenth last day of camp, 15 students were present.  Drill exercises were conducted for the students. Students enjoyed singles and doubles matches.


The last day meant the last match of the camp .Our players were super excited to perform. Both teams were full of enthusiasm and have given their best. There was a definite enhancement in the skills. 

Personality Development Program (Classes 4-9)

You’re never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you’re never as bad as they say when you lose.” 

To enhance students’ vocabulary “Word Power Game" was played by the students with full fervour and zeal. The students were given words afterwards they wrote an antonym, synonym, wrote the definition, draw a picture related to the topic, meaning of the word. The students enjoyed this activity to the fullest! In the end, students and teachers danced and ended the last day of summer camp with full passion.

On day 10 of summer camp 2022, Students continued their project and completed assembly of this obstacle avoiding robotic car. At first car didn’t work according to its programming code, therefore troubleshooting was conducted and connections were reengineered. After some tweaks and turns, we were able to achieve our goal

and the robotic car was working as per code. Students really enjoyed this activity and this concluded our summer camp of 2022.



Summer Camp 2022 - Highlights of Day #9


On the 9th day of summer camp, students did slow and fast running. Kids started the session with a warm-up and ended the session with super-fast running.


On the 9th day, students continued making their nameplates for their special room with creative backgrounds and using different fonts for the same.  The session activities were a complete blend of a total blend of art and craft with calligraphy. 


Fun & Facts of practical science
On the 9th day of the camp, children learnt the making of a bubble snake. At the end of the experimental activity, students learnt about the aspect of surface tension. This experiment proved a fun activity for the children. 


Handwriting Improvement

On the last second day of the summer camp, children were recapitulated the points to remember while writing. They were asked to use comfortable pens or pencils which are easy to hold.  Do a few hands and fingers exercises. Be persistent while writing anything which could make their handwriting beautiful. 

Students followed specific strokes, loops and sizes of the letters as they practised writing. Everyone showed excitement in improving their handwriting.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Senior)

Students made cards with Acrylic colours while learning how to use Acrylic colours on water-based sheets.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Junior)

The students printed t-shirts with the help of fabric colours, paper stencils and back edge of pencils. The result came out to be astonishing.


Badminton -
On the ninth day of camp, 17 students were present.  Drill exercises were there for the students. They have learnt half-court standing stocks today. Students were over-excited during the session.



The 9th day of the camp saw the cricketers showcase their learning by playing an action packed cricket match. They were full of enthusiasm and really had a great time. 





Personality Development Program (Classes 4-9)

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” 

Today on the 9th day of Summer Camp a mock press conference was conducted with full enthusiasm. The students interacted well on the subject shared. The teachers themselves were involved in the mock press conference. Afterwards, a game was played where students coordinated well with each other. In the end, they all danced together and it was a fruitful day!


Personality Development Program (Classes 1-3) 

PDP & Spoken English session of the Summer Camp for Classes 1 to 3 comprised of teaching the students about 'Classroom Etiquettes.' The main motive of the session was to imbibe Classroom etiquette. The demonstration was given about Do's and Don'ts to be followed in the Class. A video-based on Classroom Etiquettes was shared. Role-play/Demonstration was done by the students to show and follow classroom etiquette.


Well-being with Yoga

In order to practice for the final presentation, the students practice the asana flow along with “Surya Namaskar”. The second last session started with OM chanting and prayer. And three repetitions of the practice was done which included warrior 2, “Bhujangasan”,  “Paschimotanasan”,  “Hanumanasan”,  “Kagasan”, “Chakrasan”, “Ushtrasan”, “Dhanurasan”,  “Dhruvasan”. In the end, the students rested and relaxed in “Shavasan”. The Session ended with “Pranayam” and “Shanti Mantar”.


Self-defence with Martial Arts 

Day nine of the Summer Camp began with a routine warmup session in addition to few new punches and kicks elaborated by the instructor. The coach introduced different styles of fighting. 

Aikido’s fighting style 

Shotokan style 

Budokan style



The ninth day of the summer camp began with various muscle strengthening exercises. Today was actually shooting day. Students practiced leap shot, jump shot, mock shot, abrupt stop with jump etc. before the match started. Two teams of girls and two teams of boys were formed. First, the girls played the match, which was followed by the boys' match. The coordination between the teams was superb, all the students seemed energetic, enthusiastic and playful.

 Instrumental Music
Students were given the practice of "Sari Umar  Hum" and "Praise  Him " songs with vocals.

On day 9 of summer camp 2022, students started their project of obstacle avoiding a robotic car with the use of an Ultrasonic Sensor and groups of two students were formed for this activity. In this activity, students did their programming part first and later the implementation was explained to them.


Summer Camp 2022 - Highlights of Day #8


Cookery Activity - School Life Cooking 

Mango – a versatile fruit that has sweet and tangy flavours. In the 8th session this seasonal fruit was combined with sugar, mint, salt, cumin powder and ice cubes to create the refreshing Mango Drink. This magical drink was much relished and gulped down the thirsty throats of the students.


On the 8th day of the camp, the students did endurance exercise after the initial warm-up session and ended the session with the static exercises.

Swimming Sessions

Practice of 50m free style and Aqua yoga was done by the girls. A marked improvement could be seen amongst the students having learnt so many techniques in the camp. They also learnt to balance in the pool with a single leg. Boys in their session, were super charged up after the initial warm-up to compete for a 50m free style race.



On the 8th day, students enjoyed making their nameplate for their special room with creative backgrounds and using different fonts for the same. Wonderful ideas were brought up by the kids for making their nameplate all the more beautiful. The session activities were a complete blend of total blend of art and craft with calligraphy. 


Fun & Facts of practical science

Students loved the “Floating Eggs” activity. While carrying out this activity on the 8th day of the summer camp, the students understood the concept of the density of the fluids in a better way. 


Handwriting Improvement

Today that was the eighth day, when children started feeling the comparison of their own handwriting with style they used to have earlier which is the real achievement of this activity. While writing the paragraphs, they were guided to leave required space in between the letters which is the most important thing to remember.

Few were influenced with their old style of writing were instructed persistently and given more practice. It was satisfactory to see most of them feeling confident to initiate the words with proper strokes and slants.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Senior)

In senior Art Activity Students have completed a welcome wooden decorating plate, first they have made stripes backgrounds after that studies have made rose flowers with Acrylic tubes..


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Junior)

In the 8th session, students cut out coloured papers and drew four different expressions on them . Later they pasted them on an ice cream stick, thus creating facial puppets.


Badminton -
On the eighth day of camp, 18 students were present.  Drill exercises were there for the students. They have learnt box exercise for shuttle control today. Students enjoyed a lot during the session.



Personality Development Program (Classes 4-9)

Today that was the eighth day, when children started feeling the comparison of their own handwritings with style they used to have earlier which is the real achievement of this activity. While writing the paragraphs, they were guided to leave required space in between the letters which is the most important thing to remember. Few were influenced with their old style of writing were instructed persistently and given more practice. It was satisfactory to see most of them feeling confident to initiate the words with proper strokes and slants.


Personality Development Program (Classes 1-3) 

Day 8th of PDP and Spoken English included- ' Telephone Etiquettes' -Making a Phone Call + Receiving a Phone Call- Demonstration was given showing different instances and Telephone Security points were also mentioned. The role play was done by the students thereafter.


Well-being with Yoga
The 8th session of yoga started with the traditional protocol - OM chanting and prayer. The students started the warm up with neck, shoulder, basic body stretches and “surya namaskar” followed up by the core asanas like “Paschimotanasan”, “Uthit Padasan”, “Halasan” “Sarvangasan”, “Shirshasan”, “Dhanurasan”, “Ushtrasan” and cooled down in “Shashankasan”. 

The session ended with “Shavasan” and prayer.

Self-defence with Martial Arts 

The objective of the 8th session was to elaborate and demonstrate different blocks techniques to the children. Following techniques were performed by the students along with the mentor. 

  • High Blocks
  • Inside Block
  • Knife Hand Block 
  • Low Block
  • Outside Block
  • Palm Block


Day 8 of the summer camp was great. The students were divided into Team A and Team B for the match.  Both teams practised rotation with the ball, and muscle-strengthening exercises, to increase efficiency. Some rules were also taught, such as not running with a leap shot , jump shot, passing the ball without  violation. Later, a match was played between the teams. The start was interesting. The students performed brilliantly.



On the 8th day of the ongoing summer camp, the students were divided into two groups and simple practice exercises were performed. They were quite enthusiastic as the coach introduced many football skills and also learnt about the “back heel”. Children implemented all learnt concepts in the short match that followed.




On day 8 of summer camp 2022, students continued their programming to the next level and in this activity, students learned about the ultrasonic sensor, which is used to measure distance, along with application of a buzzer. Applications of ultrasonic sensors were discussed and also “how to make connections on Arduino Uno” were also demonstrated. In this activity, whenever any obstacle comes within its set limit, the ultrasonic sensor would send the signal to buzzer to start and internal LED to start blinking of Arduino Uno board. By hearing the sound, it confirmed that some obstacle was present and when the obstacle was removed, buzzer would be in OFF position

Free Style Dance 

The dancing activity saw the students practising to perfect their performance with back to back rehearsals of the songs. Individual performances were also given by students to build up confidence and acquire more accuracy.

Aerobics & Zumba

On the 8th day of the Summer Camp, the children were happy and cheerful after the warm-up and exercise schedule. They were eager to display their Zumba performance on the peppy number. 

Summer Camp 2022 - Highlights of Day #7

Cookery Activity - School Life Cooking 

Day -7 was engaged in cooking the dish with a lavish layout. The all popular lip-smacking “Paneer Tikka”  was made using cottage cheese, capsicum and onions marinated in a yoghurt-based marinade. Students baked and relished the outcome of their hard work and labour


On day seventh day of summer, camp kids did strides and sprints. This was followed by single-leg squats, long step walks etc.


Swimming Sessions

In the schedule for the 7th day of the Summer Camp, a freestyle race was enjoyed by the girls and boys in the respective slots.  To keep the competition fair, the children were segregated into junior and senior groups.


Font #3, “MONOGRAM” was also taught in the session. Students were given a demonstration of how to use Artline 3.0 pen for giving headings or writing their names in bold.


The 7th session started with a detailed workout. The objective set for the session was to improvise the fielding style of the students for which the coach planned many innovative techniques like – the inner ring fielding drill, and square cone fielding drill.
Players also practised high catches. 

Fun & Facts of practical science

Another exciting experiment grabbed the attention of the students on day 7 with the self-inflating balloon. For this activity, a bottle was filled with acetic acid and a balloon filled with sodium bicarbonate was fixed over the bottle. With the reaction between the 2 chemicals released CO2 which in turn resulted in the inflation of the balloon. 


Handwriting Improvement

Today was the seventh day of the summer camp. The children were encouraged to write words following the taught methodology for writing letters. Juniors were asked to copy the names of vegetables from the board and the seniors were asked to write a short composition on the topic of their own choice.

Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Senior)

In the Senior Art Activity, students made welcome home plates on wooden boards with Acrylic tubes. This 2-day project work was a wonderful learning experience for the students.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Junior)

On the 7th day - a simple piece of paper was crafted into beautiful jumping paper rabbits using paper folding. Children were thrilled with the outcome of the activity.



On the 7th day, the junior students practised new fitness exercises and played on the nets. In the senior slot, Drill exercises were there for the students. They have learnt the three corners exercise today.


Personality Development Program (Classes 4-9)

 "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success." 

Today on the 7th day of PDP sessions, group discussion was continued and students participated with full fervour. The students were divided into two groups and they shared their opinions and thoughts on the given topics. It was an interesting session with children putting on their thinking caps to contribute to the discussion with worthy inputs.


Personality Development Program (Classes 1-3) 

On the 7th day of PDP & Spoken English of the Summer Camp, the topic was-'How to be a Good Guest’. In this session, the importance was told to the students as to why some rules and manners are necessary to be followed when you are a guest somewhere and explanation and demonstration were given and then a general talk was carried on.


Well-being with Yoga
The 7th day of the Yog Session began with OM chanting followed up by prayer. “Surya namaskar” was then practised with 5 repeats as a part of the warm-up. Stepping into the core asanaas –  “Veerbhadrasan”, “Shirshasan”,  “Bhujangasan”,  “Dhanurasan”, “Paschimotanasan”, “Kagasan”,  “Setuasan” were recapitulated . After relaxing in “Shavasan”, the session ended up with prayer and “Shanti Mantra”

Self-defence with Martial Arts 

The 7th day of the Summer Camp of summer camp started with enthusiasm and a recap of the previous warmup session.  Jab, uppercut, hook and cross, and low section punch- were also introduced by the coach.



The 7th day of the summer camp began with warm-up exercises, walking and power running drills (cross country). Students were taught the proper mechanics of a fake shot and game without a ball. They also learnt how to really sell moves. During continuous practice, the students developed their full-body coordination as well as hand-eye coordination.


On the 7th of June, the 7th day of the summer camp, the footballers commenced the day with warm-up exercises our rounds of the ground. Today the kids dribbled the ball using cones. The coach discussed the term ‘Kick off ‘with the kids. Before the match passing the ball practice was given to the kids.

It was thrilling to see the team play with a sportive spirit thriving amongst the young footballers.


On day 7 of summer camp 2022,  the 7 segment display was used to display digits ranging from Zero to Nine using the programming on Arduino Uno Board. Earlier, this activity was completed manually by using breadboard and jumper wires to display digit Zero and then rearranging the connections to display any other digits but now on Arduino Uno, students just wrote a single program code to display all the digits one by one automatically. So, the difference was explained as “how technology helps us to simplify our activity and also, including our day-to-day tasks as well.  


Free Style Dance 

All the students had back to back rehearsals on the songs which are been prepared in the previous six days. Also, senior girls were taught the last steps of the song "pink - pink adiyan".


Aerobics & Zumba

On the 7th day of summer camp, the learners started with warm-up activities to enhance their stamina. They learnt to gain stamina and perform cardio exercises.

Summer Camp 2022 - Highlights of Day #6


Cookery Activity - School Life Cooking 

Summers are for mangoes and the nostalgia of plucking them secretly! This experience was shared in the beginning and the dish of the day was baked with the help of all 13 students. Semolina Mango cake was super yummy and loaded with fresh and juicy mango chunks!



On day six, children did cardio exercises like star jumps, split running, high knee running and other exercises.


Swimming Sessions

Girls learned and practised the concepts of diving, breathing, backstroke, freestyle and Aqua yoga - namaskar and understood the strength of unity.

Boys were introduced diving and also practiced breathing, bubbling, floating, freestyle and Flip.



Students were given the demonstration of how to use Artline 3.0 pens for giving headings or writing their names in bold. Students were excited to learn the strokes and enjoyed doing the activity. All the kids were given homework to practice the same and to write their names in the font demonstration.


Instrumental Music

Senior students were taught the song " Teri Hai Zameen, Tera Aasmaan”  (sthai) with vocal practice. Junior students were taught a song "Everything I Am" (sthai) with vocal practice on the sixth day.


Handwriting Improvement

Day 6 of PDP and Spoken English for Classes 1 to 3 included different activities for enhancing the Kitchen Vocabulary of the children like showing them different Kitchen tools and cutlery. A PPT on different kitchen articles with their names was shown to the children to aid their learning. Students were then asked to write the names of the articles/tools in their notebooks.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Senior)

In Senior Art Activity, Students have completed their canvas painting of Lord Ganesha. They learned what is the difference between canvas and paper and how to use Acrylic colours on canvas.



On the 6th day, students started with fitness and specific exercises and practised backward shots and played on the net.


Personality Development Program (Classes 4-9)

 "Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument and exchange of ignorance".

On the 6th day of Summer Camp, a group discussion was conducted with full enthusiasm and zeal. The students were divided into two groups and were given different topics like social media, opinions between boys and girls, and the summer season. Afterwards, a video was shown to the kids on the topic and the teacher talked about its advantages & disadvantages. The students were given time to discuss the given topics and they utilised the time well. Overall, the students learnt a lot from today's activity.


Personality Development Program (Classes 1-3) 

Day 6 of PDP and Spoken English for Classes 1 to 3 included different activities for enhancing the Kitchen Vocabulary of the children like showing them different Kitchen tools and cutlery and a PPT on different kitchen articles with their names. Students were then asked to write the names of the articles/tools in their notebooks.


Well-being with Yoga

The sixth-day starter with OM chanting and prayer. For proceeding practice of balancing asanas previously practised were revised and followed up by “Shirshasan”, “Vrischikasan”, “Veerbhadrasan” Thereafter the student peacefully lay into a deep sleep in shavasan. And the session ended with prayer and the Shanti mantra.


Self-defence with Martial Arts 

The sixth day was the combination of all the kicks and punches done earlier. A few more were added by the mentor 

*Jump kick

*wheel kick

*spin kick

*hook kick

*Multi-rotational punch

*wood hand strike



The day of the Summer Camp started with some running drills to increase stamina because a full-court game of basketball includes a lot of running. The students chose to do cross-country running. After that, students were taught passing fundamentals like chest pass and bounce pass. The shuffle slide defence was also demonstrated by the coach. Later, a match was played between the two teams. The team with the most points was the winner. The students played enthusiastically. 



“Sports is the greatest physical poetry “

The 6th day of the camp day began with jogging, jumping, and four rounds of ground and stretching exercises. Students were divided into teams of two and all of them enthusiastically played the match. The winning team defeated the other team by 2 goals. The coach introduced the centre spot - a spot marked at the centre of the field from which the kick-off is made. Individual kick practice was given.



 On day 6 of summer camp 2022, Students were made aware of Arduino Uno Board programming, software environment and syntax of commands like “pinMode, digitalWrite etc.” Students performed the first activity on the computer by themselves and uploaded their first program of “Internal LED blinking” without using any external hardware to connect to the board. And for the second activity, students were demonstrated “how to make an external connection of LED blinking using different pins of Arduino Uno Board”. In the end, both the above programs were merged to have two LED blinking on the same Arduin Uno Board.


Free Style Dance 

All the students had back to back rehearsals on the songs which are been prepared in the previous five days. Also, senior girls were taught the steps for a new song "pink - pink adiyan".


Aerobics & Zumba

Students enjoyed jogging and warmup, stretching exercises on play grounds. After that, they moved to the aerobic and Zumba Dance session. Students enjoyed the recapitulation time and performed all what they learnt.

Summer Camp 2022 - Highlights of Day #5


Cookery Activity - School Life Cooking 

Day 5 of the cooking class went well with the preparation of a mouth-watering Frankie loaded with veggies and Italian seasoning.



Today on day 5, kids did upper body exercises they used dumbles,  shoulders rotation, neck rotation and stretching etc.



The session began with the practice of font2- Bold Lettering of calligraphy. Students were given a demonstration of how to give headings on charts. They were really excited to learn the new variations of the backgrounds.

Instrumental Music

During the Instrumental music activity on Day 5 of the Summer Camp, the Birthday song was completed on guitar and piano with vocal practice. 


Handwriting Improvement

In spite of Sunday, 16 children were present in this class. All of them were wholeheartedly willing for enhancing the beauty of the letters. They seemed confident in holding pencils and notebooks. They learnt to write letters p to u. They were continuously instructed to touch the top and bottom lines and make the beginning and ending loops in a proper way. Children enjoyed and seemed eager to learn all the letters collectively.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Senior)

In the senior Art activity, Students were doing canvas painting they learn how to use Acrylic colours on Canvas. The work started was to continue in the next session too.


Swimming Sessions

The boys were thrilled as they had a water polo match organised for the day. The 2 teams formed had junior boys in one and seniors in the opponent team. Junior Girls had a floating 25m race for the day while the senior girls practised leg stretching as a part of the  Aqua Yoga training. 

Badminton - 

On the fifth day of camp, 17 students were present.  Drill exercises were done by the students. They also have learnt court exercises. 


Personality Development Program (Classes 4-9) 

 "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it."

Today on the 5th day of Summer Camp, table manners and etiquette were taught to the students through various videos. The main objective was to inculcate good manners, showing respect for both food and people. Afterwards, the teacher demonstrates how to lay the dining table properly. They also learnt how to hold forks and knives properly and cut sandwiches. All the students learnt a valuable lesson today. Everyone danced and the class ended on a happy note!


Personality Development Program (Classes 1-3) -

 The 5th Day of the PDP & SPOKEN ENGLISH for Class 1 to 3 began by showing the movie 'Gulliver's Travels 'to enhance their listening skills, speaking skills, comprehension skills and vocabulary. The students were asked to review the movie in their own words. They were also asked to write the new words they learned while watching the movie. It was an entertaining as well as a learning session.


Well-being with Yoga

With the chanting of "Om" and prayer, the fifth yoga session began. The session was taken ahead by neck movements and spine twisting as warm-up followed up by core asanas, veerbhadrasan 3, natrajasan, dhruvasan, and kagasan. The students cooled down in vajrasan and relaxed in shavasan. The session was carried out to an end by meditation and Shanti Mantra.


Self-defence with Martial Arts 

The fifth day started with the warm-up session. Recaps of previous kicks and blocks were performed by the kids along with the instructor. Few new Japanese MAT terms were also introduced by the mentor 

ich= which means 1







Day 5 was full of excitement and enthusiasm as all the students had to play the game with each other. In the beginning, warm-up and muscle strengthening exercises were done. Vertical jumps were practised. After the exercise, teams were formed and the rules were repeated before the start of the game. Students played well and had a lot of fun.



On the  5th of Jun, the fifth day of the summer camp, the session started with full enthusiasm. After the warm-up exercise, dribbling and four rounds of the ground,  the coach taught the kids about fouls, the penalty area and the corner kick. Correct dribbling was also taught by the coach. Later teams were formed and a short match was played by the students under the guidance of the coach.



On day 5 of summer camp 2022, the Arduino Uno circuit board was introduced in this activity. This microcontroller was discussed along with its practical implementation in daily life and “how we can use this Uno board to automate” was also explained. The pin configuration of the Uno board was demonstrated and programming code
syntax was shown to students. One live example was executed with help of an online website named “” and students got more clarity on microcontroller programming.


Free Style Dance

Students practised the complete songs "Chand - baliyan" (girls) and "first-class hai" (boys). Also, individual performance was given by them on the song 

Summer Camp 2022 - Highlights of Day #4

 Cookery Activity - School Life Cooking 

On the 4th day, 14 Students' zeal was praiseworthy. They learnt to prepare instant “Dhokla” and Mint Mojito. Step by step procedure was demonstrated and students were more than happy to prepare the dishes of the day.  The preparations were relished by the students.



Core exercises like crunches, mountain climbers and knee raises were done as a part of the athletic training



The 4th session began with the demonstration of font2- Bold Lettering of calligraphy. They were given a demonstration of how to write LOWER CASE letters in the same font (A-Z). Students were really excited to learn the new font and come up with it. Kids were assigned to do the craft work for making a Father’s Day card.


Instrumental Music

Students were taught the birthday song on guitar and piano and prepared half a song with vocal practice. Students enjoyed the learning time in the music activity on the fourth day. 


Handwriting Improvement

On the fourth day, the change in the handwriting of the children was noticeable. They seemed a bit faster in emulating the instructor. They learnt to write letters (j to o) in lower case. Students looked were looking independent in beginning and concluding the letters. The seniors too showed their passion and curiosity in learning the letters to write.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Senior)

In the senior Art Activity, students were taught to make beautiful key chains with macramé knots. They were also told about the other articles that could be made using the macramé knots learnt.


Splash & Stroke - The Art Activity (Junior)

In Art Activity, session 3, waste bottles were used to make beautiful art pieces using acrylic colours and earbuds. Creations were created by children using their own creativity. 


Swimming Sessions

Girls were introduced to the nuances of the Back Stroke and the practice of Floating, Bubbling, Breathing and Aqua Yoga. In the session for boys, swimming underwater was taught along with the practice of Flip and Freestyle. 


Badminton - 

On the fourth day of camp, 19 students were present.  Drill exercises were performed for the students. They have learnt full court strokes and enjoyed a multi-shuttle exercise.



Day 4 started with warm-up exercises and was followed by learning techniques of batting such as back foot defence, straight drive and cover drive. Young players also practised catching and throwing the ball.


Personality Development Program (Classes 4-9) -

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”

On the 4th day of Summer Camp, the PDP session began with “Bingo Games" based on synonyms. Students played it commendably. They displayed their enthusiasm and zeal towards it. This was followed by a few tongue- twisters to improve their pronunciation, rhythm and stress. All the kids, especially the junior ones participated in it wholeheartedly. Few more games like the “Chinese Whispers” communication game were played by the kids.   In the end, two motivational videos were shown to them. The idea behind the videos was to encourage children to never ever give up in life and face every challenge with full determination and willpower.


Personality Development Program (Classes 1-3) -

The Day 4 of PDP and Spoken English comprised of Table Manners and Etiquettes. Eating/Table Manners along with videos and demonstration was also given to guide the students in learning eating manners & how to use cutlery. Students liked and enjoyed the session very much as they learnt new and right mannerisms to be followed while eating. 


Well-being with Yoga

Fourth day of yoga session started with OM chanting and prayer. The warm-up was done with arm stretches, spine twisting, forward folding and backbend drills. Thereafter, “Chakrasa”, “Bhujangasan”, “Dhanurasan” were performed. Counter Asanas “Halasa”, “Sarvangasan” were performed to cool down. The students then relaxed in “Shavasa” followed up by pranayama and meditation. The session then ended with prayer and “Shanti Mantra”.


Self-defense with Martial Arts 

The fourth day was dedicated to the increased flexibility of mind and body by introducing various punches and blocks. The mentor introduced and performed various blocks and punches and make the children aware of its implementation. A few of them were:

Jodag Age uke-Rising head level block

Uchi uke -inside hooking block

Sotouke-Outside block

Gedan butsi- downward block

Gedan uke-Groin sweeping block


The 4th day of the Summer Camp began with practice sessions consisting of drill fundamentals, dribbling, power endurance exercises and shooting. Cross leg, hopping, and the same leg: same arm techniques were taught by the coach. The students learnt Chest Pass, Overhead Pass, Long Pass and 3-Man Pass during the game. Later, the game was played