How does DPS Patiala ensure that students have a safe and productive academic surrounding? - DPS Patiala

Delhi Public School Patiala
( Under the aegis of the DPS Society,New Delhi )


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DPS Patiala’s Impressive Infrastructure: DPS Patiala’s infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of over 3,000 students. There are many computer laboratories as well as a large library with thousands of volumes. DPS Patiala regarded as the No. 1 School in Patiala has it all for sports and games – a football field, cricket pitch, basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis, and carrom boards. These first-rate amenities enable students to follow their passions and develop as well-rounded persons.

Round-the-Clock Security and CCTV Surveillance: The safety of students is a top priority at DPS Patiala as it is the best school in Patiala city. The campus has 24-hour security with guards stationed at all entry and exit points. CCTV surveillance also covers the entire campus, classrooms, boarding houses, activity areas, and school buses. The camera is constantly monitored to ensure that no unauthorized entry or incidents occur.

Focus on Student Safety and Security at DPS Patiala: To ensure students feel safe, secure, and able to focus on learning, DPS, the no. 1 school in Patiala prioritizes safety measures and strict security protocols.