‘Celebrating Glorious 10 years’

Faculty Development Programs


Workshops conducted by CBSE
SNO. Workshop Name Teacher Participant DATE
1 Fundamental Learning & Numeracy All newly appointed Primary Teachers Flexible
2 Digital Tools for teaching & learning Maths, Science, English & S.St teachers All Maths, Science, English & S.St teachers 23-27 May 2022
3 Multiple Intelligence Ms. Aditi, Ms. Neha
Ms. Inderpreet
7th July, 2022
4 Importance of Personal Hygiene & Nutrition Dr Rishma 11th July, 2022
5 Addressing Socio-Emotional needs of students Ms. Deepali, Ms. Jyoti
Ms. Kamna  Chawla
18th July, 2022
6 Story Telling in Classroom Ms. Poonam Sharma 18th July, 2022
7 Item writing MCQs Ms. Kirandeep
Ms. Rachna
19th July, 2022
8 Protection of  Child Rights Ms. Shveta Goyal,
Mr. Anjum Sharma
21st July, 2022
9 Teaching Strategies in History (Sr. Secondary)  Ms. Vandana Malhotra 21st July, 2022
10 Bloom's Taxonomy & its Applications Ms. Renuka Dhawan
Ms. Monika Sharma (2)
21st July, 2022
11 Education for Peace Ms. Monica Walia, Ms. Chanchal,
Ms. Anu Sharda, Ms. Ramanpreet
22nd July, 2022
12 Teaching and Learning Styles Ms. Poonam Sharma 22nd July, 2022
13 Teaching Strategies in English(Secondary Level) MS. Banipreet 28th July, 2022
14 Happy Classrooms Ms Satnam Kaur 30th July, 2022
15 Capacity Buliding: Mathematics-X Mr. Yash Kansal 1-2 Aug, 2022
16 Promoting Mental Health Ms. Rachna Arora 10-Aug-22
17 Strengthening Reading Competency Ms. Banipreet 10-Aug-22
18 Capacity Buliding: Science-X Ms. Kamna Sharma 14-Aug-22
19 Capacity Buliding: Science-X MS. Renuka Dhawan 16-Aug-22
20 Happy Classrooms Ms. Banipreet 16-Aug-22
21 Digital Learning Management Ms. Vineeta Sharma 17-Aug-22
22 Salient Features of NEP Ms. Poonam Sharma 17-Aug-22
23 Item Writing-MCQs Ms. Shveta Goyal
MS. Banipreet
24 Role of Theatre and Drama in Classroom Ms. Banipreet 19-Aug-22
25 Cyber Security & Ethics Ms. Vineeta Sharma 22-Aug-22
26 Capacity Buliding: Physics-XII Ms. Shubhdeep Kaur 26-27 Aug 2022
27 Python-XII Ms. Vineeta Sharma 26-Aug-22
28 Teaching & Learning Styles Ms. Chanchal 30-Aug-22
29 Social Science-X Ms. Rashpinder Kaur 7-08-09-2022
30 NEP-2020 Ms. Nidhi Shukla 10-Sep-22
31 Business Studies-XII Ms. Navneet Tulsi 23-24 Sep 2022
32 Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies Ms. Monika Sharma 23-24 Sep 2022

Session 2020-21

Saturdays are Fun

6th March, Saturday was another fun-filled Saturday for the Students. With an unexpectedly long stay at home through the pandemic phase, children long to enjoy outdoors. Every Saturday is looked forward to by the students and they are never disappointed by the activities planned for them.
Class III and IV enjoyed circle time fun and team building activities with their class teachers, while class V had a passage reading competition, reading from their favourite books Classes VI & VII enjoyed a 3 km long nature walk at the Environment Park, of course observing the flora and fauna as they walked along. They put it all what they saw into a creative write-up ! Group activities were organised at the venue and students also learnt the structural nuances of flowers, leaves and roots too Classes VIII & IX had sports activities - Badminton Matches and Inter-class Dodge Ball Matches.
All fun activities culminated with an hour long HRT period where students discussed and shared their small and big issues as well as achievements with the peer group. Earlier in the day, Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla while addressing the students stated that it was too the school's priority to give students ample opportunities to enjoy the school, and that Saturdays were specifically made non-academic days for students to enjoy a lively day with their classmates.

All activities were conducted with safety and health care of the students, following the prescribed norms.


The Annual Graduation Ceremony 2021

The Annual Graduation Ceremony of the kindergarteners was organized in the open and lush green grounds of Delhi Public School Patiala on 27 February 2021. The function was signified to be a silver lining in the cloudy atmosphere of this year. The entire event was organized following all the norms laid down by the government. 74 students attended the graduation and received their degrees in a short but colourful ceremony. The extraordinary aspect to this function was that the entire preparation for the same was done in a fortnight through online sessions.The function started the Gayatri Mantra followed by a song ‘Light a Candle’ in which the kids seek the blessings of God and urge for world peace. The second the presentation was a Fashion Walk in which the little ones showcased their favourite cartoon characters like Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella, Mowgli, Chotta Bheem and Arabian Nights.The last of the cultural presentation was an action song through which young graduates thanked everyone for the efforts put in which made them sail safely through this pandemic period and also grow as an individual.The Principal of Delhi Public School Patiala Mr. Santosh Shukla congratulated the parents and students and assured them of complete support and required guidance. Parents in turn thanked the school management in arranging for the ceremony and for taking care of all the necessary precautions. The event was a wonderful success and appreciated by the parents.


DPS Scholars honoured 

The Scholar Badge Ceremony to celebrate the academic achievements was organized in the open and lush green grounds of Delhi Public School Patiala on 27 February 2021. The solemn function was signified to be a silver lining in the cloudy atmosphere of this year. The function was organized following all the norms laid down by the government. The presence of the students and their parents on this occasion brought enthusiasm and life to the school environment.

The ceremony started with chanting of the “Gayatri Mantra” seeking the blessings of the almighty. It was followed by inspiring words by the Principal Mr. Santosh Shukla. The students were in their formal school uniforms and were lined up on the red carpet. There was a feeling of excitement and fervour among them.

This ceremony is one of the most anticipated and time tested tradition of all DPS schools when gleaming enthusiasm and the triumphant spirit of the young scholars could be seen and felt. 28 students received the badge for 1 year of academic excellence, 10 students bagged the badges for 2 years of excellence, 2 young boys were honoured with the blue scholar blazers for 3 years of hard work and there were 9 claimants for the prestigious Blue Scholar Badge for the marvellous 4 years of excellence!!!

The parents appreciated the warm gesture of the school management and the teachers in making this occasion memorable for them and their children. They also were all praise for the safety precautions taken by the school and the smooth conduct of the ceremony.

Angel Garg brings laurels to the school at the 32nd Punjab Roller Skating Championship

Angel Garg participated in the 32nd Punjab Roller Skating Championship and bagged a Silver Medal in the team event to qualify for the National Level. She is the Goalkeeper of the team. 


 Meet Kamal finishes 4th in Callaway World Championship 2021

Meet Kamal, our promising golfer from class XI finished 4th in Callaway World Championship 2021 organised at the Forest Hill Golf Course at Mohali on the 7th of February 2021. He participated in the 15-18 years category for boys.

 DPS Team shines at Inter-school Mathematical Model Competition at Khalsa College

The DPS Patiala Team participated in the Mathematical Model competition on 5th February 2021 organised by the Department of Mathematics, Khalsa College, Patiala.  Khushi Arya of Class XI and Nanki Kaur of Class X participated in the event and presented the model on  “RAMANUJAN’S MAGIC SQUARE”. Out of 15 participating teams, our students were declared first by the judges and awarded the winners trophy along with the cash prize of Rs. 2100/- by the Vice-Principal of the college  S. Gurmeet Singh. The students garnered a lot of appreciation from all the judges and other officials for their wonderful presentation. 



DPS Patiala organized a workshop "Road Safety Month"
72nd Republic Day Celebrated
The country's 72nd Republic Day was celebrated at Delhi Public School Patiala with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla on the 26th of January 2021. All the staff members - teaching and non-teaching took the ceremonial salute as the tri-colour flag unfurled and sang the national anthem. On this occasion, the Principal and teachers shared their thoughts about the greatness of this country. Patriotic Songs were sung creating positive vibes befitting the occasion.
On 25th January, a special assembly was presented by students of class VIII, and the historical significance of the country's republic day was shared. Several patriotic songs and dances were rendered by the students. The colourful assembly culminated with the address by the Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla
The fun-filled Saturday!
Harvest Festival "Lohri Celebrated"
Lohri was celebrated at Delhi Public School Patiala with a lot of exuberance and fanfare. The mood on the campus was upbeat and the students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri. The celebrations started with class IX students sharing the significance and traditional aspects of the festival. Saksham Goyal of class IX recited two poems that spread the festive vibes across the assembly. Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla addressed the assembly and conveyed his wishes. He then lit the traditional bonfire and all present took turns in offering their prayers around the bonfire. Children relished the snacks and sweets they had brought for themselves, basking in the bright sunlight. Everyone around the campus danced on the Punjabi folk songs and enjoyed the first ever celebration of the session. There was joy and excitement in the air as everyone enjoyed the folk music and dance as they welcomed the cheerful spring season bidding adieu to the dull winter. 
 Winter Magic: Lohri & Makar Sankranti Celebration by Kindergarteners: 
Lohri, the festival which ushers the joyous spring, was celebrated on the virtual platform by Kindergarten students with much fanfare on 13th January 2021.
On this colourful occasion, both children and teachers enjoyed a chirpy and enthusiastic interaction. Folk songs were played to enjoy the festive occasion and soon everybody joined in the energetic rhythm! Peanuts, popcorn and the jaggery delicacy - "Gajak" were relished by the children. Children were told about the traditions of the festival of Makar Sankranti like kite-flying and special foods made on the occasion. The little ones dressed in traditional attires were excited about the cultural activities to celebrate the festival with their classmates.  



Christmas arrived early for the students of Kindergarten!! 24th December 2020 was the day when the Christmas spirit was created for the students through a flurry of activities reminiscent of the auspicious day. To create the right ambience, the children were encouraged to come dressed in Christmas colours on the virtual platform, which could be a mix of red, green and white. No Christmas celebration is complete without a tastefully decorated Christmas tree, and this is what caught the eye of the children as they trooped into the virtual Christmas celebration with their HRT's. Children were also treated to some catchy Christmas carols.
Their joy knew no bounds when their HRT's joined them as Santa Claus, little ones danced to various Christmas carols. It was almost a memorable day indeed for the children of KG.

Virtual Toyride on Mickey's Birthday Bash:

The Kindergarten section had a gala time celebrating the birthday of their favourite cartoon characters - Mickey & Minnie on the 18th of November this year. A virtual Toyride party was organised for the little ones.
The students were requested to bring their favourite toy for their online session on the occasion.  The kids were super excited to share their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their turn to show and tell their peer-group all about their toy. Thus, this event helped the tiny tots to better their social, emotional and language skills. This proved to be an interesting and fun-filled experience for the kids. 

Diwali 2020 - Class I celebrates with zeal and festive spirit

The students and teachers of class I pampered themselves on this Diwali with a virtual party on the last working day of the school before the Diwali break. Children wore their best colourful and festive outfits for the special virtual celebration. The excited chatter of the students throughout the session was a testimony of the festive spirit in the air. Children shared their plans for the festive day and all they would do to make the festival memorable. They also had sweets and party food during the class. Later children also shared the pictures of the moments with their family on the festival. 

Children are the world’s most valuable resources and the best HOPE for the FUTURE.”

Every year Children’s Day is celebrated across India in the memory of our first Prime Minister Pdt. Jawahar Lal Nehru whose immense love for children is known world-wide. But how the pandemic has taken November 14 away from kids is well known.....still Teacher's & the school management makes all thing possible for the kids  by visiting the little ones home personally with full zeal and zest to make them feel special.  Children as well as parents were excited for the surprise visits by their HRT's.

Olympiad Achievers Honoured

DPS Patiala welcomed the achievers of the Olympiads that were conducted in the session 2019-20. It's been a long time since we have met, although all of us are connected virtually. The students were applauded for their determination and hard work to have made it to the second level of Olympiads in the subjects of their choice. Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla addressed the gathering of students and parents, and expressed his desire to welcome the students back to the campus, when the looming danger of COVID would cease to exist. He later gave away the certificates and prizes to the eager students.Students received their merit certificates for IMO,NSO,IEO,IMO and IGKO.
Prabhmeet Kaur and Amreen Kaur bagged a Zonal Excellence Certificate along with attractive gift vouchers.
Siya Sindhani of XII bagged a Zonal Excellence Certificate in NSO, while Shreyas Mehta of class XB and Raghav of XI earned themselves Zonal Excellence Certificates in IMO and NCO respectively.
The star performance in Olympiads was displayed by Eknoor Kaur of Class VII as she bagged Merit Certificates in IMO and IEO whereas she bagged Zonal Excellence Certificates in NSO and IGKO along with a Zonal Medal.Eknoor was also the proud recipient of a cash award of Rs.2500/-.
The teachers in attendance led by the Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla congratulated the winners and wished them luck in the future endeavours as well.


Class I celebrates Family Week

Students of class I and their families had a gala time as they met the class as a part of the family week celebration that is underway from 2nd to the 7th of November 2020. Students were super excited as they introduced their family members through adorable family pictures and also in person. Every child seemed happy and proud to talk about his family. sharing beautiful and loving lines for each member. The backdrops of many children were beautifully decked up adding glitter to the celebration. The objective of the activity was to provide families with an opportunity to get more involved in their child’s education and strengthen their partnerships with teachers and the peer group.



Halloween 2020 


A speech competition (English) was organized for class IX to celebrate the birthday of our late president Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam who has been a great source of inspiration to the youth of our
country and people all over the world. He was a true epitome of undying energy, strong will and determination. The competition was organized online on 17th of October, the students of class IX
participated enthusiastically and shared how they derive positive attributes from the legendary human, who worked tirelessly till his last breath for the prosperity and integrality of the nation. He always wanted to interact with the young minds knowing their vital potential in the nation-building process.
The winners of the event are - 

1st Position - Suchreet Kaur(IX E) & Anaisha Jindal (IX H)
2nd Position - Kashish Singla (IX E)
3rd Position - Rishima (IX H), Manseerat Kaur (IX E) & Lakshay Jain(IX E)
Appreciation : Gulnoor Kaur(IX H) and Mrinal Jain( IX E)

Hurray !! DPS Patiala sails into the Inter DPS National Science Quiz 2020

The student of Delhi Public School Patiala participated in the Inter DPS Quiz hosted by the DPS Society. The first preliminary round at the school level was conducted for the Science enthusiasts of the school at 2 levels i.e Classes VI-VIII and Classes IX-XI. The theme given for the junior level was “Nature and Wildlife” (India) and current affairs (world) and similarly, the seniors had to prepare on “Science and Technology” (India) and Current Affairs (world). The preliminary round was followed by a tie-breaker round for the juniors. The selected students of the prelim round were – Mst.Jivitesh Lamba (Class VI) and Ms.Sunanda (Class VIII), whereas the senior students qualifying for the zonal round were Mst. Aayush Sharma (Class XI) and Mst. Madhav Batra (Class IX). Students were given content and continual guidance to prepare for the zonal round. The school teams participated in the Zonal Round (12th October 2020) hosted by DPS Noida on the virtual platform. It was amazing to see both our school teams compete and qualify to the final rounds of their levels respectively.  The senior team was jubilant as it topped the final round with a spectacular performance against the 39 other schools in zone 1 for the Nationals. The students are now gearing up for the finals to be held in the month of December 2020. Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla congratulated the team on the spectacular performance and wished them luck for the National Level event.



World Food Day

To create awareness about healthy food and dietary habits DPS Kindergarten Wing organized an online Food Fest. Teachers had an interactive session with students on how good food influences a healthy lifestyle. Teachers also prepared and displayed placards that emphasized the importance of nutritious and healthy food habits with wordings like “Good food makes you/me fit”,  “Healthy kids are happy kids”, “Fill your plate for a healthy weight”, “Eat well, Live well”. The children seemed to enjoy the event as their mothers made and served them with a variety of mouth-watering homemade delicious dishes that tempted and attracted the attention of their peer group. Relishing and sharing the food, reciting and singing rhymes during online session ensured that happiness reigned.



DPS Students take Pledge

All the students of Delhi Public School Patiala, led by their teachers, took the Pledge to be responsible and bear in mind all the precautions to be taken to keep themselves and their family members safe during the pandemic. The pledge was taken during the virtual classes and children were reminded of taking all the necessary measures in their daily routines.

Smiles all around !!!

"Happy students make better learners". Children who are happy, feel safe and have a greater chance of increasing the amount of learning and understanding. The Kindergarten wing of DPS Patiala celebrated the World Smiley Day along with the parents of the little ones, where parents teamed- up themselves for the lively photo session holding smiley in their hands as well as on faces.  Each picture emanated positivity and excitement. 
Flavours of India : Virtual Meet & Eat Event - Class III
On the 9th of October, all 4 sections of class III enjoyed a meet & greet event - "Flavours of India". The announcement by the teachers for this session at the beginning of the festive month set the excitement of the students high with the children teaming up with their mothers to prepare for the same. The EVS Lesson- INDIA- FOOD AND CLOTHING got the teachers thinking of this event, and the response was phenomenal. The students not only helped their mother to cook a popular dish of any one state, but also shared the recipe in the virtual class and enjoyed a get-together brunch with their classmates. This was a wonderful experience and the students enjoyed the event thoroughly.
Class IV celebrates Swacchta Diwas
Students of class IV put their best foot forward as they participated in the "Swacchta Diwas" on the 2nd of October 2020. Students initiated cleanliness activities from their own rooms, homes and immediate surroundings. Their efforts were appreciated by their teachers and were motivated to continue keeping the objective of cleanliness and also to be self-dependent in their day to day life. The pictures received by the teachers were self-descriptive and spoke about the enthusiasm of the children! 
Remembering Bapu and Ba on October 2nd 2020

To revere this day, the little ones and the HRTs of Kindergarten wing held a special session during online classes to commemorate the Mahatma’s life and teachings. The tiny tots delivered short rhymes highlighting the quotes of Mahatma Gandhi and conveyed his noble messages in the most effective and influential manner. They also spoke about all they knew about Mahatma Gandhi. Children also dressed up as Gandhi ji and Kasturba to commemorate the birth anniversary of the father of the nation.
FIT India Initiative

More than 35 teachers enthusiastically participated in the FIT India initiative undertaken by the school as per the guidelines of the Government of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) between the 15th of August and 2nd of October 2020.It was amazing to see the zeal of the teachers who were led and inspired by the Principal Mr.Santosh Shukla. In all, a distance of more than 300kms was covered in the period. Mr Shukla hailed the initiative as it reiterated the importance of fitness and good health in today's times.

Grandparents Day 2020: A virtual hang out along with Grandparents
Like the infinite reach of the sky, you shower unconditional love upon me! Like the soothing calm under a tree, with arms open you welcome me!
Like the amazing magician, you surprise me with my favourite toy! Like the fairy, you treat me with my favourite dish beyond joy!
Like the dear friend, you play with me enthusiastically all day! Like a doting grandchild, I love you and wish you a ‘Happy Grandparents Day’!
The kindergartners of  Delhi Public School, Patiala celebrated Grandparents Day with an abundance of love and admiration for their beloved grandparents. On this beautiful occasion, wonderful activities like rhyme recitation, story-enactment, fun dance were enjoyed by the grandparents and their grandchildren alike.  The children were super excited to see their granddads and grandmoms pair-up with them to participate in the activities and in fact, helped the senior citizens wholeheartedly as they performed. The grandparents were very sportive and brought out the child in them through their active participation although the virtual platform was something new for them.
All the  Activities were thoughtfully planned by the teachers making the occasion memorable for all the grandparents. Kids made beautiful hand-puppets of grandparents as a token of love for their adorable Grandparents.