Children's Day is being celebrated at DPS Patiala with a fun-filled "Bal Mela" on the 14th of November ** Mohd. Afnan of Class 6 makes DPS Patiala family proud by making it to the U-14 State Level Cricket Team (Punjab State School Games) **The Punjab State Swimming Competition at Amritsar, Aafreen bags the Gold Medal in the 100 mts Free Style event and a Goldi n the 50 Mts Back Stroke event, while her twin sister Amreen clinches a Gold in the 50 Mts Butterfly and another in the 200 mts Individual Medley.

Vision & Mission


To produce world class citizens who have "out-of-the-box" approach to deal with different situations in life.


DPS Patiala is committed to inculcating competitive spirit and deep instinct to excel in academics and activities among the students. We believe in the kind of education where all the efforts are devoted to enhancing and uplifting the personality of the students.


To be in sync with the world that has become a global village and to be in step with the world we have integrated our teaching with the latest technology and have made our teaching and learning process more effective and enjoyable.

Each of our class rooms from class Nursery onwards is technologically equipped. In high school, technological tools impact teaching, learning and assessment which profoundly influence the learning cycles through digital intuitive learning systems. Digital portfolios of our students enable greater understanding of each student's learning needs. There is considerable digital project work to enable children to stay focused on the work place of the future.

Campus: Reethkheri, Sirhind Road, Patiala, (Pb.) 147001

Phone: 01763-261770, +91-9988104779 

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